Aniseed Flavour (15ml Dripper Bottle)




Mr Vapour Aniseed Flavour (15ml Dripper Bottle) E Juice / E Liquid

Aniseed flavour is the bitter yet not unpleasant taste of aniseed is one which many enjoy for the tart liquorice-like taste with fruity undertones it boasts. Our Aniseed e liquid has proven very popular since its release and continues to be a flavour which tickles many a tastebud.

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 The Best Liquid for Cloud Chasers?

Mr Vapour Cloud Chasing Range of e Liquids & E Juices, 100% Vg + Flavours

Our Aniseed Flavour E liquid / E Juice can be easily used for cloud chasing, our mix of 100% + flavour gives you the best Cloud Chasing experience and taste. Our bottles are 15ml and are made from glass, this helps to retain the quality of the e liquid so that you can have the best vaping experience

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Benefits of using our Mr Vapour Aniseed Flavour are:

• 15ml bottle with 100%VG  + Flavour mix on all Cloud Chasing (Dripper Bottles) e liquids.
• All E liquids shrink film wrapped to ensure tamper proof products.
• All E liquids labelled with manufacture date and expiry for quality control purposes ensuring the best quality control possible
• All E liquids available with various nicotine strength content ranging from 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, or 24mg

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Aniseed taste ?

Aniseed is a flowering plant in the family Apiaceae native to the eastern Mediterranean region and Southwest Asia. Its flavor has similarities with some other spices, such as star anise, fennel, and liquorice. Our E Liquid / E Juice is rich in aniseed content, giving you smooth and tasty vaping sensation in each and every pull of your Mr Vapour E Cigarette.

Mr Vapour Aniseed Flavour Quality Guarantee

Mr Vapour Aniseed E liquid / E Juice are all made in the UK in our high quality laboratories, using high quality food grade ingredients, making our e liquids / e juices extremely safe to vape, but also adhering the trading standards. These consists of having the bottles labelled correcting having all safety warnings and producing the e liquid in a safe and controlled environment.

Be Aware ! Cheap Chinese E Liquid / E Juice ?

Nearly 99% of all companies are selling e liquid do no comply with British law / Trading standards, these companies have the liquid imported from china, which is cheaply made and most importantly they do not know the contents of the bottle which they are selling. You could be smoking something harmful or dangerous. We at Mr Vapour avoid importing anything and would not sell you anything we would not use ourselves.

Aniseed E Liquid / E Juice Contents?

Mr Vapour knows exactly what is the contents of each and every bottle of e liquid we produce and can proudly say we have been approved by trading standards that our e liquid is created to a high quality, this in return gives you a smooth and tasty vaping sensation.

Additional information

Nicotine Strength

0mg, 3mg, 6mg


15ml (1x15ml Bottle), 30ml (2x15ml Bottles), 60ml(4x15ml Bottles), 90ml (6x15ml Bottles)


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